Beyond Silicon

Single source, end-to-end test and automation solutions providing global support and manufacturing

Functional Board Test,Module and Product Testing

The explosive growth in electronics in every industry is pushing the limits in test. Anora's strong electronic test background coupled with their beyond silicon capabilities and functional testing is elevated to address the needs in test. We are uniquely positioned to perform design, develop and productize functional testers to test PCB, module or end-products. Ours is a one stop shop for your design, prototype, volume manufacturing, support and maintenance worldwide.

  • All Under One Roof

    Global end-to-end test and automation solutions from prototyping to volume production

  • Standardization

    Bringing standardization and process from other industries into highly customized and fragment functional testing creates robust and reliable test solutions

  • Global support

    Our worldwide presence gives us edge to serve our customers R&D and production facility with ease

Key Expertise Areas

Mechanical Design

Confident and bold new product designs, prototyping and HVM. Design of manual and pneumatic test fixtures, micro probes interface boards and module and product handling automation

  • Concept to high-volume manufacturing

  • Innovate to productize: Ability to innovate and productize quickly

  • High precision

  • High quality

Electronic Design

Confident designs through meticulously engineered process and hardware framework

  • 1000+ designs for various industries

  • Analog and power design leadership

  • High voltage and High current End-to-End: From design to manufacturing

  • High speed digital, RF

Software Development

Concept to product: Rapid prototyping to production with scalable and versatile multiple embedded hardware development platforms

  • Bare-metal and multiple OS development

  • Supporting languages: C#, Python, JavaScript, JSON, LabVIEW, TestStand

  • Device Driver and Custom bootloader development

  • Automation, Operator Control, UI/UX design and development


    Software Infrastructure

    - Multiple embedded platform

    - Custom instrumentation and automation

    - Test sequencer

    - UI/UX

    - Data analytics


    Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

    - CNC Lathe and Milling

    - Laser cutting and engraving

    - Super drilling

    - Metal Bending

    - Press Fitting

    - Quality control Lab (CMM and other analysis)


    Hardware Design and Manufacturing

    - Industry standard hardware design tools

    - Modeling tools

    - Simulation capability

    - Fabrication through strategic partnership

    - In-house assembly capability


  • Automotive

    Accelerated growth in automotive industry for clean energy (eV) vehicles and automation in automotive industry has created a huge gap in functional testing and productization. Anora addresses the gap with its innovation and custom instrumentation. Few examples but not limited to below are:

    • eV charging
    • Battery testing
    • Sensors for autonomous cars
    • Automotive interfaces
    • High Power, high Voltage, high Current

  • Industrial

    A wide array of end application is addressed in industrial space that require knowledge from high precision to high power and everything in between. Custom instrumentation plays a major role in functional tester product building geared to industrial space

    • Product handlers
    • signal multiplexers
    • Custom interface modules
    • Custom actuators

  • Consumer

    As products shrink and functionality increases in this space, Anora supplies the precision test measurement capabilities for mobile, other handheld and wearable technologies

    • Power, precision and RF
    • Custom test and measurement modules to achieve accuracy, cost and throughput

  • Energy

    The advance in renewable energy has caused a manifold increase in the use of complex electronics. The requirement of the energy sector includes high-power switching, precise and reliable monitoring and embedded software for control. Anora has the required experience and expertise and working closely with customers serving the renewable energy market. Some of Anora's solution listed below:

    • Solar
    • eV
    • Battery management


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