Post Silicon

Productization Re-defined

Test and Product Engineering

Technological advancement in silicon and design engineering widens the gap in test requiring radical change in test engineering. Anora's extensive test and product engineering experience elevates the instrumentation capability with the much-required innovation to close that gap. Productization gets a meaning with our new product introduction test solution, test obsolescence management, cost optimized solution, yield improvement and qualification

  • #1 in Analog and Power

    Established leader in power and analog test applications

  • Released 1800+ Products

    More than 1800 semiconductor products and counting that has been released to high-volume production

  • Instrumentation amplified

    Enhancing the capabilities of tester through custom instrumentation

  • Complexity simplified

    Complexity simplified by breaking complex test challenges to simple solutions with sound semiconductor testing, measurement knowledge and experience.

Key Expertise Areas

New Product Introduction

Broad product breadth and strong application experience to productize new designs

  • 13+ years of experience releasing new products to high-volume production.

  • Released 100+ new semiconductor products to market for top tier IDMs and fabless companies.

  • Complexity simplified Breaking complex test challenges to simple solutions with sound semiconductor test and measurement knowledge and experience.

Test Obsolescence Management

Anora changed the paradigm in legacy test platform conversion for multiple customers. A top down strategy augmented with tools and technology to provide the most optimized roadmap solution.

  • 1600+ test solutions transformed

  • 600+ first pass success on hardware

  • Accelerated conversion with tools and technology

Product Engineering

Product engineering is key to productizing a semiconductor device. Our product engineering solutions ranges from productization of new product to sustaining production.

  • Characterization and Reliability modeling

  • Qualification (ESD, EFR, HTOL)

  • Yield improvement and Cost optimization

  • Throughput improvement

Hardware engineering

Hardware plays a critical role in a successful execution of the project. It is utmost important to have a right hardware strategy and ensure first pass success.

  • First pass success is our mantra

  • 1000+ designs

  • Power and Analog design leader

  • Industry standard hardware design tools Templates for industry standard ATE 3D modeling tools simulation capability

Cost Optimization

Start with the end in mind is ingrained in our culture. Test cost, throughput are well comprehended from the beginning. Production excellence is a given

  • Massive parallelism at wafer sort

  • Strip testing

  • Multi-site development

  • Test Time Reduction

New Product Introduction

  • Design-For-Test

    • Deploy right DFT strategies
    • Implement production worthy trimming strategies
  • Concurrent Engineering

    • Start early, influence design, minimize test cost
    • Understand system requirements, optimize test list
    • Engage with factories early, no surprise at the end
  • Product Qualification

    • Qualify successfully with a robust test solution
    • Early Life Failure Rate (ELFR) and Electro-Static Discharge (ESD)
    • High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) and Highly accelerated stress test (HAST)
  • Test Economics

    • Well-planned end result
    • Test cost and throughput entitlement at release

    Hardware Design and Manufacturing

    - Industry standard hardware design tools

    - Templates for industry standard ATE

    - 3D modeling tools

    - Simulation capability

    - Fabrication through strategic partnership

    - In-house assembly capability


    ATE and Bench R&D Lab

    - Automated test equipment, bench instruments and accessories are integral part of post silicon validation. Infrastructure include multiple ATE with latest instrumentation. This coupled with bench equipment, tools, technology and support technicians enable us to run a 24x7 test floor for increased R&D productivity

    - V93000

    - ETS364

    - EVA100

    - NI STS

    - ETS88 (coming soon)

    - Bench equipment

    - Thermal stream



    - Test libraries and methodologies

    - Tools and infrastructure for pattern translation

    - Program automation

    - Data analysis


    Product Engineering and Qualification

    - Silicon characterization (bench and ATE)

    - Qual modeling based on end application

    - Qual execution (ESD, EFR, HTOL, HAST, TC and more)

    - Product engineering analysis tools


  • Automotive

    Automotive has pushed the limits of test and product engineering required for automotive devices from test engineering expertise to product qualification. Anora has long experience working closely with automotive customers in USA and Europe and had delivery high quality and reliable solutions.

    • High Power, high Voltage, high Current
    • Sensors
    • Automotive interfaces
    • Auto RADAR
    • Drive Train, ABS, Infotainment
    • Automotive quality and reliability standards

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence has been moving towards custom silicon for training and inference. This has led to enable massive parallel computation required by these tasks. ANORA has rich experience in DFT and ATE for “Big-D” chips.

    • High speed digital interfaces
    • Functional testing
    • DFT based testing

  • Industrial

    Industrial electronics involves low-power precision sensors, high-power drives, high reliability requirements, and high analog, and mixed-signal content. Analog, mixed-signal and high-power electronics test are the strengths of Anora

    • High Voltage, high current
    • Sensors and communication
    • Industrial temperature

  • Consumer

    Mobile includes two parts, the base station and the mobile unit. Both have very high performance RF circuits, as well as digital processing to enable media and data applications. The emerging 5G standard involves higher frequencies (NR). Anora has expertise in base station RF-AFE test as well as mobile units. Anora has experience in other standards, including LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, Automotive Radar, WiGig. The experience in LTE and microwave test experience with WiGig will allow Anora to be proficient in 5G testing, including NR.

    • Low power
    • RF test and measurement experience on various wireless standards
    • WLAN, Bluetooth, IR, 5G, Radar, WiGig

  • Energy

    The advances in renewable energy have caused a manifold increase in the use of semiconductors. The requirement of the energy sector includes high-power switching, precise and reliable monitoring. Anora is a leader in the much-required analog test and measurement expertise.

    • Power
    • Batterry monitor
    • High precision analog
    • High voltage
    • High current


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